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“Short story: If I could only say one thing about Bryan it would be – hire him immediately! His portfolio is fabulous and he was tons of fun to work with.

Long story: We wanted a photographer with a great eye to capture unique and unexpected images for our modern, urban sensibilities as a couple. Combine that with my extremely high standards (I work with photographers often) and the fact that we were planning our wedding from halfway across the country, and the bar was set very high.

Bryan cleared it. His work speaks for itself – if you want a more hip editorial style, then he’s your man. But not only is the final product great, the process of working with him was both seamless and a lot of fun. Bryan has really thought things through from the customer’s point of view, and covers all the bases. And he’s just a really fun guy!

On the big day Bryan made things easy – family photos wrapped with a minimum of fuss, candid moments captured without intrusion (like a photography ninja!). And we could not be happier with the images themselves – we’ve received so many comments from family and friends who are simply awestruck.

Great guy, great photos – what more can you say? Bryan exceeded our expectations in every way!”

Jenni + Rob


“Incredibly envious; that is how others will feel if you are lucky enough to have Bryan Newfield as your wedding photographer. If you are not comfortable with your friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers stopping you for months after your wedding to talk about your photos, then you should probably go with another photographer.

Bryan’s talents are incomparable to anything else in the photography market. Due to his creative and unique ideas in both shoot locations and poses, we now have jaw-dropping photos from the Minnesota State Fair, the streets of Playa del Carmen, and even underwater photos in a sacred Mayan cenote while wearing my wedding dress! Are you kidding me?! After seeing our photos, one friend shared, “I feel sorry for anyone that has to get married after you.” While another stated, “The only way another couple could top that is by having their wedding photos on the MOON!” Ha!

Bryan’s incredible passion towards his work is inspiring. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a driven and professional photographer, who also happens to be a genuine and fun-loving guy!”

Casey + Brandon


“Bryan is WONDERFUL!! The moment we met him we knew he wasn’t the typical photographer. Not only does he have the most amazing style and eye for great photos but he is fun, energetic, and make you feel so beautiful and comfortable. His service is amazing, starting with the engagement “lifestyle” session where he came up north with us to capture doing what we love to do, spending time with friends boating and partying. He was with us from 10pm to 2am on Friday then on the boat all day Sunday…it was a great experience. Besides this amazing service he also stays at your wedding until the party is over! We looked at so many photographers and many of them had time restrictions where Bryan made sure he captured EVERY amazing moment of our day. AND he offers an amazing “photobooth” selection where he sets up a space in your reception and creates fun, quirky and unforgettable experiences for your guests. Bryan was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and I recommend him to everyone!!! I can’t gush about him enough.”

Shannon + Trevor


“Innovative, outside the box, enthusiastic, global perspective, not your average point and shoot standard framed/stocked photos. Bryan takes it all to a higher level that will most certainly leave your mind blown. The way he puts his subjects at ease and provides them with the confidence to put their best pouty/vogue/model/natural face forward is remarkable. He thinks on his feet and works with the environment around him; his eye for hidden subtleties/lighting/angles is what everyday humdrum photographers strive for. Bryan Newfield is the jam.”

Mary + Adam


“Bryan has an amazingly creative eye and a fun personality to top it off. We met Bryan at my sister in law’s wedding and fell in love with him as a person. He is HILARIOUS and has the ability to fit right in. Then we saw his photos and knew we HAD to have him.

At our wedding Bryan did not fail to impress. The moment he got there he settled me from having a melt down and then settled into the background as he found crazy angles and positions to get some amazing shots. He would get so excited sometimes as he found ideas for the PERFECT shot. And he would give compliments as he shot which just boosted my confidence and made me feel like a model.

In the end I was amazed by the over all experience with Bryan. The photos were unbelievable and like nothing I have ever seen before. They were creative yet completely captured the mood and feeling of the moments. The photos allow me to relive my wedding and tell my love story. Bryan ROCKED my SOCKS OFF!”

Ami + Nick


“Bryan is not just another photographer, he is an experience– I cannot tell you how many times I heard that exact statement, during and after our wedding. I couldn’t agree more. Bryan’s true passion for photography and his couples shines in the way that he interacts with everyone via his camera lens. He captured the true essence of our wedding and what it felt like to be there. I am able to relive the energy, excitement, and nervousness that I felt on our wedding day, every time I look at our images! For anyone that wants non-traditional images that look like they are ready for the cover of a high-fashion magazine such as Vogue or GQ, you MUST choose Bryan Newfield Photography!!! He is more than we could have ever hoped for in a wedding photographer!!!!!!!!”

Sheena + Andrew


“Bryan Newfield Photography was the perfect addition to our wedding. Bryan worked well with everyone in our crazy wedding party and got amazing shots! The Photo Booth was an absolute blast. Our family and friends have creative and hilarious shots that will help them remember our wedding forever. If you use Bryan, it is guaranteed you will have pictures that you will cherish forever and awe at after your wedding is complete. Thanks, Bryan!”

Elizabeth + Steve


“Bryan is a very talented photographer who takes a unique approach to your standard wedding and engagement photos. If you want traditional portrait photos, go with someone else. If you want someone who thinks out of the box and creates highly artistic photos that look like high class art and will “wow” you, go with Bryan. He will do whatever it takes to capture the perfect photos, even stand in 3 feet of snow to do so. Be prepared to wait a little longer to receive your photos because he takes the time to edit each and every one of your photos to perfection. He is a family man who is a pleasure to work with and always made us feel at ease during our time with him.”

Shannon + Steve


“Bryan is an incredible photographer, and he is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend doing engagement photos with him first – he does have his own style, and it will make you way more comfortable on you wedding day when you already understand his process and have gotten to know him a bit.

These are not your average photos – they are truly artful, and capture the feeling and mood of the day. Bryan has done the wedding of several friends of mine, and the photos are consistently incredible, and reflect the individual style of each couple as well.

I highly recommend him!”

Laura + Adam


“My husband and I went to a wedding that Bryan shot before we even got engaged – the photo booth he sets up was so much fun, and the pictures were gorgeous, so we booked him for our wedding. He was perfect, got amazing photos of our whole day, and people had so much fun in his photo booth. We loved him so much, actually, that we’ve referred him to everyone we know getting married – one of my best friends, and my brother just used him for their respective weddings. I also have family and friends who are already planning to book him for their weddings – some of whom aren’t even engaged!”

Maggie + Pete