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“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”  — Mark Twain


These words above have been imprinted on my heart for many years. They’re a reminder that powerful images are more than a frame, more than lines and curves, more than shadow and light, more than the absence or abundance of color, more than time frozen or life moving.

Powerful images are crafted deliberately. Whether you pride yourself as a hands-off photojournalist, or find joy in shaping the subjects and elements in your photos, what separates great images from good ones is the very intentional act of composing, exposing, and decisively shooting from an imaginative perspective. They’re seen in the photographer’s mind before the shutter clicks. These are the photos that make us say, “Wow.”

My primary goal with each mentoring session is to inspire your imagination and help you see the world around you as a treasure trove for creativity. And if you book a side-by-side session, we’ll put that knowledge to practice during a live shoot. Mentoring is always one-on-one, not group-format. (If you’ve ever been to a workshop, you know how easy it is to get lost in the crowd.) Together, we’ll walk through your portfolio, identify opportunities for growth, and set a clear vision for your business. We’ll also discuss camera settings, cover natural lighting techniques, seek out unique compositions, and talk through the process of confidently posing your clients in a dramatic way.

This isn’t a workshop. This isn’t an unworkshop. This is mentoring geared toward those who are starting out, burnt out, or who want to take their photography in a fresh, imaginative direction – the kind of mentoring I wish I had early on.

Contact me to book a mentoring session anywhere in the world.  Mentoring session pricing can be seen here.