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This is where I’m supposed to tell you that I’m the coolest thing since Instagram, list my favorite flavor of ice cream, and brag that my Poogledor (Poodle-Pug-Labrador) has 5,000 friends on Facebook. But that’s not me, so read on and get to know the artist behind this lens.

Growing up, I lived in more states than a migrating bird, and each place shaped me into who I am. I’ve got Dallas roots, Cleveland values, a love for Tucson heat, Boulder friendliness, a Minneapolis appreciation for food and art, and a laid-back SoCal approach to life. As a Buckeyes fan, I can neither confirm nor deny that I once lived in Michigan.

One of my first summer jobs was at a bookstore. On a particularly slow day, a beautiful girl wandered in and instantly captured my affections. Two years later, we were married…at the age of 19!

We’ve had 5 super awesome kids since then – whom I love with every fiber of my being. Due to an overabundance of Irish genes, only one of them is able to tan.

People with disabilities are very dear to my heart. One of our children is disabled, and he’s the sweetest, most joyful kid you could ever meet. He’s mastered doing 360s and cruising backwards in his wheelchair, making him a better driver than me.

In 2004, I won a trip to Vancouver to shoot alongside a team of National Geographic photographers and the film crew for “Survivor” and “Apprentice.” That trip changed my life – and set in motion the career I have today.

I love to travel. I’ve done photo shoots in 5 countries and over 30 cities. Like a true extrovert, I thrive on the energy that comes from a big city with a vibrant nightlife, meeting new people, and experiencing other walks of life.

After seeing the documentary “Invisible Children,” I spent a month in Uganda. Africa stole my heart, and we almost moved there.

I’m a minimalist. I could happily live in a Zen loft.

Nothing in my house or camera bag is vintage. I’m the complete opposite of a hipster.

I draw a lot of inspiration from high-end fashion mags and stylish ads. Most of my photos share the same dramatic feel.

I’ve been known to start the party – and I’m always the last to leave.

If you drink a lot and squint your eyes, I’m an incredible dancer.