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These are the moments weddings are made of.
And I'll capture them all.

These are the moments weddings are made of.  And I'll capture them all.

Sarah's 90-year-old grandmother's health was quickly declining, and the likelihood of her sharing in the joy of her granddaughter's wedding day was growing smaller by the day.  However, the morning of the wedding, news came that she was on her way.  When Sarah saw her in her wheelchair at the end of the hallway, she fell at her feet and buried her head in her grandmother's hands, tears flowing with elation.

Ruth's father is known by most for the gruff character he played on Breaking Bad, but it's his warm, humble adoration for his family that defines him best.  To Ruth, he's simply Dad.  Like most parents, he fought back tears as he walked his daughter slowly down the aisle.  And the two of them looked for opportunities throughout the day to steal hugs from each other.  Turns out, we're all the same - with or without fame.

Pamm and her grandfather have a special bond.  Both escaped political unrest and found opportunity after emigrating to America.  Overwhelmed at the sight of her in her wedding dress, Pamm's grandfather embraced her for one last kiss before she walked down the aisle.

Pamm and her grandfather have a special bond. Both escaped political unrest and found opportunity after emigrating to America. Overwhelmed at the sight of her in her wedding dress, Pamm's grandfather embraced her for one last kiss before she walked down the aisle.

A dad and his sidekick.  Both had a game to check in on.

Moments with family

Sisters, singing, and a race to see who could finish off the champagne.  Ceyda's wedding continued a crazy fun sorority tradition.

The reception was done, but the party wasn't over.  A midnight trip to a karaoke bar meant laughs, memories, and a playlist of 90s music for this band of brothers.

Last call went out.  The final song played.  But James knew one last thing was needed to end the night:
an epic slide across the dance floor.

Moments with friends

It's the little things that matter.  The way you look at each other across the room.  The joy in your faces as you dance the night away.  And the intimate entwining of your hands under the table during a toast.

Exuberantly riding on the shoulders of their family and friends, Lauren watched as her hubby protected what was most important to him at the moment.

Strong in their faith, Laura wanted to pray with her blindfolded husband-to-be before she walked down the aisle.  They were nervous.  They were happy.  They were meant to be.

Moments together

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I'm a husband, a father joyfully in love with his 5 kids, and a parent to the best chocolate labrador in the world.  I also have a big heart for those with special needs.  I'm a world traveler, an adventurer, a terrible dancer, and always the last to leave a party.  I'm a true extrovert.  A perpetual optimist.  I adore minimalism.  And I hold a firm belief that laughter is the best medicine.  I pursue everything I do with passion - and I know you'll be madly in love with your photos.  Madly in love.

Artful coverage, a fun personality, and surprisingly affordable.
You can back away from the Internet now.  You found your photographer.

You can back away from the Internet now.
You found your photographer.

"One of the Top 50 wedding photographers in the U.S."
- Weddzilla -

"One of the Top 50 wedding
photographers in the U.S."
- Weddzilla -

Real clients.  Really awesome photos.

"If I could only say one thing about Bryan, it would be hire him immediately!  His portfolio is fabulous and he was tons of fun to work with.  The process of working with him was seamless, family photos wrapped with a minimum of fuss, candid moments captured like a photography ninja!  And we could not be happier with the images themselves - we've received so many comments from family and friends who are simply awestruck.  Great guy, great photos.  Bryan exceeded our expectations in every way!"

jenni + rob

"Incredibly envious - that is how others will feel if you are lucky enough to have Bryan Newfield as your wedding photographer.  Friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers stopped us for months after our wedding to talk about our jaw-dropping photos from the State Fair, the streets of Playa del Carmen, and our underwater wedding shoot in a sacred Mayan cenote!  Are you kidding me?!  Bryan's incredible passion towards his work is inspiring.  We're thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a driven, professional, genuine, and fun-loving guy!"

casey + brandon

"Bryan is WONDERFUL!!  The moment we met him, we knew he wasn't the typical photographer.  Not only does he have the most amazing style and eye for great photos, but he is fun, energetic, and makes you feel so beautiful and comfortable.  His service is amazing - our lifestyle engagement session was a great experience; he captured EVERY amazing moment of our wedding day; and he created a fun, quirky, and unforgettable experience for our guests with his amazing photobooth.  Bryan was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and I recommend him to everyone!!!  I can't gush about him enough."

shannon + trevor

"Innovative, outside the box, enthusiastic, global perspective, not your average point-and-shoot standard framed/stocked photos.  Bryan takes it all to a higher level that will most certainly leave your mind blown.  The way he puts his subjects at ease and provides them with the confidence to put their best vogue/model/natural face forward is remarkable.  He thinks on his feet and works with the environment around him, and has an eye for hidden subtleties/lighting/angles.  Bryan is the jam."

mary + adam

"Bryan has an amazingly creative eye - and a fun personality to top it off.  We met Bryan at my sister-in-law's wedding and fell in love with him.  He is HILARIOUS and has the ability to fit right in.  Then we saw his photos and knew we HAD to have him.  At our wedding, Bryan did not fail to impress.  He found crazy angles and positions to get some amazing shots, and gave compliments as he shot, which boosted my confidence and made me feel like a model.  In the end, the photos were unbelievable.  They were creative yet completely captured the mood and feeling of the moments.  Bryan ROCKED my SOCKS OFF!"

ami + nick

"Bryan isn't just another photographer, he is an experience - I cannot tell you how many times I heard that exact statement, during and after our wedding.  I couldn't agree more.  Bryan's passion for photography and his couples shines in the way that he interacts with everyone.  He captured the true essence of our wedding and what it felt like to be there.  For anyone that wants non-traditional images that look like they're ready for the cover of a high-fashion magazine, you MUST choose Bryan!!!  He is more than we could have ever hoped for in a wedding photographer!!!!!!!!"

sheena + andrew

Invest with your heart, not with your spreadsheet.
Your photos will live on for generations.

any location - if you can dream it up, i'll be there

Whether it's a senior session, family shoot, or album cover, you'll look like a model - and have fun in the process.  No city is too far, no location is off limits. I've been on a submarine, a battleship, and busy streets to capture ordinary people in extraordinary ways.  If you value fun, creativity, and art, we'll be a match made in heaven.

PORTRAITS begin at $800

No matter the location - land or sea, near or far - I'll work hard to give you photos you can't find elsewhere.  I've captured hundreds of weddings over the last 12 years, and that level of experience means a defined style; a sixth sense for capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments with love and thoughtful timing; and the ability to provide helpful insights as you plan your big day.

weddingS begin at $3500

EVERY single IMAGE you get back is hand EDITED, NOT JUST THE FAVORITES






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travel worldwide

any location - if you can
dream it up, i'll be there


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"An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here."

"An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here."

"An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here. An awesome review from your client goes right here."

- david

- rachelle

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"one of the top 50 wedding Photographers in the u.s."


"the knot's best of weddings"

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